Carst Joustra’s work has always revolved around people and mediation.

After studying Law in Groningen and Vienna (Austria), Carst joined an NGO in the former war zone of Vukovar, Croatia. From 1999 to 2007, Carst worked as a real estate attorney for Kennedy Van Der Laan. There, he excelled at finding sustainable solutions for conflicts that couldn’t be solved through legal proceedings. His position as Chairman of the Employee Council also required skilled negotiation within the organization itself, keeping in mind the common interest of the parties involved. Carst regularly consulted on collaboration issues within construction projects, public-private partnerships (urban renewal), or owner’s associations.

From 2007 to 2017, Carst helped shape Adessium Foundation (www.adessium.org), a strategic grantmaking organization run by a family office, as its Deputy Director. The result is a highly professional organization with a wide range of extraordinary, international partnerships to take on important social issues. The core of his activities revolved around building and maintaining a diverse partner network of NGOs to achieve social change together.

In 2014, Carst became member of the Supervisory Board for Stichting Impuls (www.impuls.nl), putting his good governance expertise to use. Impuls provides children ages 0-13 with shelter and opportunities for personal development, to create a level playing field for all kids in greater Amsterdam.

Carst is treasurer of the board of the Dutch association of specialized employment mediators (Vereniging Arbeidsmediators Nederlandwww.arbeidsmediation.nu/) and a member of the Dutch association of specialized business mediators (Vereniging Corporate & Commercial Mediationwww.platformbusinessmediation.nl). Carst frequently publishes on negotiating and mediation, e.g. he has a blog (in Dutch) on the platform for lawyers Mr-online (www.mr-online.nl).

Carst supports professional parties through process monitoring, mediation and conflict resolution consultancy. In the capacity of MfN-registered mediator, he is affiliated to the respective District Courts of Amsterdam and Midden-Nederland (greater Utrecht area). As of 2018, Carst also works with Result Mediation (www.resultmediation.nl).

Carst is married to Inge, they have two daughters and a son and live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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